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Rolex Day Date Replica

Rolex Day Date Replica type 20 "Big-Eye". The caseback of this Rolex Day Date Replica Type 20 features a fine example Marine Nationale military engravings.

Rolex Day Date Replica noticed that civilians were interested in these watches during the 1950s and 1960s. Rolex Day Date Replica began producing non-military Type 20 watches. The Type 20s were the same, says Rolex Datejust Replica, with the same specifications. However, they did not have the Army stamp on the back.

Rolex Datejust Replica is obsessed by the rarity of original military issue items. In his first research, Rolex Day Date Replica chose to bypass the crowd and contact pilots. He was shocked to learn that the military watches he had purchased for the Army needed to remain in the Army. We know exactly how many were produced. When people left the Army -- former pilots and pilots alike -- they were told to return all their gear. Everything: uniforms, belts and helmets. Packs. The watches were also thrown away by the watchmaker who smashed them with a hammer before throwing them into a bucket.

"So, the idea was that they be destroyed because the military did not want these watches to get out. Pilots involved in a life-threatening situation, such as when they were ejected from a plane or had an accident, were the only ones who could withdraw their watches. Maybe something exceptional happened in their career. They might be able keep their watch. These cases are extremely rare. The last option was that the pilots could pretend to have lost the watch, and then keep it.

"I asked former Marine Nationale or French Air Force Pilots if they wanted to buy a watch. They all said the same thing. All the people I spoke to were unable to keep the watches. All of them had to return it.Patek Philippe Replica Watches My first goal as a watch collector was to locate watches. When I asked pilots for their opinion, all of them said "No."

After completing his first survey, Rolex Datejust Replica was curious to learn more about the watch and how pilots used it. Was the Type 20 a special piece of kit for pilots, or just another standard item?

The pilots said that the chronograph watches were more of a backup. The watches provided information that was already in the aircraft. The instrument panel contained all the necessary tools and gear. "The watch was used more in the event of a malfunction with onboard instrumentation or if someone got ejected, or had some other problem," Rolex Datejust Replica says. "So, that's what I imagine the pilots doing with those flyback chronographs. In reality, the watch was worn daily, like a watch that is required to be worn.