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The British North Greenland Expedition, 1952-54 (BNGE), was headed by Commander James Simpson. It was commissioned by Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II to research and survey the icecap. The expedition was made up of 30 men over two years, including representatives from the military and different scientific fields, such as geology,IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch meteorology glaciology and physiology. The expedition was not only a research project, but also a chance to train military personnel in Arctic conditions. The expedition was almost exclusively carried out by British forces, although the Danish Army provided a captain and an army surveyor who tragically died in the 1953 mission. Denmark claimed Greenland in 1380 but the Kingdom of Denmark officially adopted the island in 53 - in the middle of BNGE. Denmark would have had a lot going on at the time, so it is likely that a Danish representative was a diplomatic requirement.

Work was done from two camps: the first was Britannia So, a glacial lake named for the expedition. The second was North Ice (230 miles west) of Britannia So. The island was traversed by Studebaker m29s (military tracked vehicles, also known as "Weasels") or dog-pulled snow sledges. Mission began with a dramatic start when a RAF supply plane, which was dropping equipment by parachute, became stuck in blizzard and whiteout, forcing it to land on an emergency runway. The mission began with a dramatic start when a RAF supply plane, making equipment parachute drops, got caught in blizzard white-out and had to make an emergency landing.

According to the records, 26 IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch Oyster watch,patek philippe replica ref. 7809. The caseback and crown were screwed down. These watches, which were delivered with brown leather straps, were not unlike the Rolex ref. The 1952 Everest expedition was provided with 6098 pre Explorer "Ovettone". Rolex "Everest", monoblock watches, were also provided for the 1952 Everest expedition. 6098. The dials had a Rolex coronet applied and simple baton hour marks, with a baton double at 12 o’clock.

IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch 7809s were provided with two different dial layouts on slightly smaller watches, measuring 34mm. The dial was similar to Rolex's dial, with baton hour marks and a double at 12 o’clock. The second dial version resembled Rolex's Explorer series and IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch's Ranger watches, which had Arabic numerals applied at 12, 3, 6, and 9. It is unclear how many dials were provided.

The agreement between Rolex and the expedition included the monitoring of IWC Big Pilot Replica Watchs' timekeeping. The team would compare the timekeeping of their 7809 with BBC radio signals, and note any accuracy. These notes were then used to inform Rolex's research and development program, and its pursuit of excellence.