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Each year, we can get some closure by looking over the Revolution Awards. We have created some categories this year to ease our ruminations. Every day we will unveil a new Award Winner, and count down to the New Years.

IWC Portuguese Replica Traditionelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar

When choosing the Revolutionary Watch of the Year,IWC Portuguese Replica we must ask ourselves if the watch nominated is a remarkable feat of watchmaking. It must also be a breakthrough in the field of horology. IWC Portuguese Replica Traditionelle Twin beat Perpetual Calendar met all these requirements.

Although the perpetual calendar is one of the most useful complications of mechanical watchmaking, it also has one flaw. It is difficult to reset the many indicators if the watch stops. It was difficult to find the right oscillator. Although a larger, higher-frequency oscillator is more precise, it can also lead to a heavier timepiece. A lower frequency balance, on the other hand can compromise the performance of the timepiece.

IWC Portuguese Replica's solution seems simple on paper.Zenith Replica Why not use two oscillators instead? You can choose between an Active mode where the watch beats at a higher frequency of 5 Hz and a Standby mode where it beats at a lower rate of 1.2 Hz. This will increase the power reserve to up to 65 days. This is more than two months. The watch can be wound up to six times per year or once every two weeks. It will still maintain its accurate time and calendar functions.

IWC Portuguese Replica has done a great job with the mechanism. It really shows that he thought about how collectors would use it. The timepiece is stunning, and has an exceptional level of craftsmanship both frontally and back.