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Each year, we can get some closure by looking over the Revolution Awards.Replica Watches We have created some categories this year to ease our ruminations. Every day we will unveil a new Award Winner, and count down to the New Years.

We were initially skeptical when Mr. Busser told us that FlyingT was the brand's first ever female-oriented Legacy Machine watchpiece. When you look at the fashion industry, many of the most prestigious haute couturiers in the world are men of distinction. In the case of FlyingT, this is evident in large volumes.

The watch itself is an amazing marvel. It serves to show that women watch collectors are just as interested in architectural movement constructions as men. During Baselworld,Swiss Replica Watches several men asked Max if he would release a men's edition. He insists not. The back shows an automatic rotor, which is represented by a traditional sun representation. A dial facing the wearer sits at an angle for those who are right-handed, but not as well if you are a southpaw.

This watch isn't just begging for attention. This watch is sure to get noticed. Respectfully. It's not surprising that the Revolution team agrees that this watch is a gemset watch anyone would envy and be proud to wear.