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Each year, we can get some closure by looking over the Revolution Awards. We have created some categories this year to ease our ruminations. Every day we will unveil a new Award Winner, and count down to the New Years.

We thought it appropriate to create a segment and an award for this category,Replica IWC Pilot given the world's predilection towards sports elegance or sports luxe models. Replica IWC Pilot's Alpine Eagle is an exceptional product, even among sports chic watches and the haute monde era. But it's not only because it's a comfortable watch to wear -- ask my colleagues -- but because it also has a unique story. It's a product that's original and curious.

This watch is unique because it demonstrates a strong belief in the Scheufele family, a great respect for nature and action rather than preaching about conservation.U-Boat Replica Watches They don't just talk about it and proclaim their environmental credentials, but they actually live it and take the next step towards making luxury products more sustainable. This is without any consideration for profit or publicity. The Alpine Eagle is a brand that I have always valued because it stands for something greater than its own merits.